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Women's Month: Meet Reem Alwahabi

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Women's Month: Meet Reem Alwahabi

To celebrate women's month, we are sharing some of our inspirational community members here at SODA.

Meet Reem Alwahabi, a product person with a diverse background in design, architecture, UX, and product management. With a focus on urban design and sustainability, Reem pursued her studies in architecture in both the UAE and Germany. However, her passion for creating impactful solutions through design, led Reem to pivot her career towards UX and eventually into product management.

What is your current position and role?

Currently, I'm the Head of Product at Predium, where I lead UX and product strategy, transforming complex software into a delightful, usable experience. At Predium, I'm proud to be a part of a team that is making a difference in the world by working towards the decarbonization of our planet.

What have been your proudest achievements?

I'm also proud of overcoming my internalized biases and being unafraid to ask for what I want and need. My biggest career achievements include successfully transitioning my career several times and being a part of Predium a company whose purpose aligns with my values.

What does equity mean to you? How can this create impact?

When it comes to creating an equitable space, I strongly believe it starts at the top with companies, institutions, and spaces that truly live by the values of DEI and who do not just pay lip service. My vision for an equitable space includes diverse management and creating a stage for diverse voices. But I also recognize that true equality starts within ourselves, and I encourage everyone to check their own biases, as we all hold ourselves back because of internalized biases.