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Britain's Big Tech Plans

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Britain's Big Tech Plans

​As usual, Britain has some mighty big plans, this time in the tech space. Dubbed ‘bold’ by Rishi Sunak, the Science and Technology Framework consists of a £370 million injection from the government that seeks to solidify the UK’s position as a tech superpower by 2030.

For many, it’s a perfect step in a positive direction, and yet, some experts are sceptical of the impact the investment can have on the future (Silicon Valley alone boasted a market cap of $14 trillion back in 2022).

Even so, there are exciting times ahead for tech. Government-backed innovation initiatives can result in big opportunities for the nation’s jobseekers, but what will those opportunities look like?

Artificial Intelligence

The mass adoption of AI is changing the world by the minute, from drug discovery to natural language processors like ChatGPT, we’ve only seen the tip of the AI iceberg.

Britain is still the most valuable tech startup ecosystem in all of Europe by a fairly wide margin, and the AI technology space is partly to thank. Big tech jobs might not carry quite the same weight as they used to, but this shift does indicate a rebalancing of sorts, with plenty of candidates willing to take their chances with ambitious new startups.

Plus, Sunak’s stance on not wanting the UK to get left behind in the global AI race could spell good news for all those wishing to break into a new era of tech.

Quantum Computing

Quantum computing represents a new frontier of tech. Traditional computational limitations prevent optimisation in areas like personalised medicine, limitations that quantum computers will not have.

The mass adoption of quantum computers might not be too far away, and businesses are catching on. The Ministry of Defence even adopted the government’s first quantum computer last year, but the real use case for the technology is yet to be fully realised.

Increased government-backed funding could represent a superb opportunity for the UK to continue its momentum in the quantum field. If the hype is to be believed, there will be an abundance of jobs in quantum computing that haven’t even got names yet. Watch this space!

5G and Telecommunication

In 2022, the government committed £110 million to 5G and 6G research to take telecoms and R&D to the next stage, and the space is booming as a result.

There are roles and responsibilities of all shapes, sizes, and seniorities in 5G and telecoms, from data architects and DevOps to IoT programming and full-stack development, and the trajectory of the space looks incredibly positive.

Whether or not we’ll see positive long-term effects of the latest tech pledge is difficult to predict, but there’s no denying the buzz (and the investment) is a major step forward for the UK’s tech industry.

Britain is no stranger to innovation – despite accounting for less than 1% of the population, Britain is responsible for 14% of the world’s most highly cited academic research papers, according to a report from the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy.

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