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Are Tech Jobs Safe?

​In today’s world, the scope for technological innovation is virtually limitless. This is somewhat reflected in the unwavering demand for talented tech professionals all over the world.

Mass tech layoffs may populate the headlines right now (here’s looking at you, Twitter), but it’s worth remembering that tech giants like Meta and Salesforce only occupy part of the expansive tech industry.

Even in the face of mass layoffs, plenty of opportunities remain for tech workers. What’s encouraging companies to resort to layoffs? What’s driving wider demand, and what does it all mean for the modern jobseeker?

Lessons from a Post-Covid World

As usual, necessity drives innovation, and the COVID pandemic proved to be no exception. As the rate of technological evolution accelerated, many companies thrived in the new digital-centric world.

For some, taking on entire cohorts of new employees was critical at this transformative time, but fast-forward to today, and they’re feeling the effects of over-hiring. Mark Zuckerberg referenced this outcome directly in a memo to Meta employees in early November.

A tumultuous global landscape has also served to be a major issue for many companies, the conflict in Ukraine being the prime example. Supply chain issues, combined with an uncertain economic future are causing panic among certain camps.

That said, things are looking up for many tech job markets – UK tech job vacancies reached an all-time high earlier this year, and the demand for talent is through the roof.

The Drive Behind the Demand

What’s the driving force behind the demand for tech talent? Alongside the rise of leading-edge new tech, the growth of the international industry is a main driver.

Tech is a global phenomenon that the majority of the world’s companies have a stake in. It seems like every business has a web application, and that means they have a need for tech talent.

Whether it’s cybersecurity experts or software developer jobs, tech teams have become an irreplaceable function in modern business.

The e-commerce space continues to grow, raising the demand for highly specialised developers who can operate in extremely niche positions.

For many, cloud migration is in full swing, an impossible task without the expertise of an advanced tech function.

The more the technological landscape evolves, the greater the drive for tech talent will be. Just look at the wealth of data that’s out there already – reports from Statista show that the big data analytics market will grow to $655 billion by 2029.


Recession Resistant Roles?

Tech jobs have long been cited as ‘recession-proof,’ and due to the current state of the world economy, many are turning their attention to tech for this very reason.

There will likely always be room for tech professionals, regardless of the economic downturn. Practically every major industry utilises a comprehensive tech function in some way, from healthcare and travel to engineering and, of course, entertainment.

If you’re hoping to start a promising new career in tech, there’s no need to let the doom-and-gloom headlines deter you.

Reach out to the team at Trust in SODA today, we’re people-first digital tech recruiters, and we know where to place our candidates to grant them the space they need to thrive.