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Podcast Episode 10 – Climate Tech: A Green Future

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Podcast Episode 10 – Climate Tech: A Green Future

​The world is feeling the impact of the climate crisis. Destructive wildfires take over Australia and California, severe flooding in Western Europe, glaciers melting at accelerating rates and devastating droughts in Eastern Africa. There is an increased demand for innovation in technology, and drastic action to fight climate change.

Discussion points:

  • Human-induced warming right now has reached about 1.1 degrees above preindustrial levels

  • The protection of human lives is at risk

  • It's not always the big global changes that can make the most impact

  • An impactful network based on trust is key to building a solution

  • Transparency is key to overcoming ‘greenwashing’

  • We need to educate and translate the climate change risk efficiently

  • Climate protection has evolved into aiming for a sustainable climate-adapted future for our planet

Our panel:

  • George O'Connell - Host and Chair at SODA Social

  • Lee Brown - Founder at HELPFUL

  • Ana Rosa de Lima - Founder at Meli Bees Network

  • Liza Altena - Co-Founder and CSO at repath GmbH

  • Thomas Remke - Co-Founder and CIO at repath

Lee Brown

A founding member of HELPFUL - Sustainable Payments, Lee is an operations specialist who thrives in dynamic environments. HELPFUL has launched digital branded wallets to help businesses make their checkouts greener, faster and attract new customers. Prior to HELPFUL, Lee completed a 10 year stint in the Royal Air Force Lee before moving on to work for a Global Staffing Business in IT, Digital and Operations. His specific areas of interest are sustainable tech, fintech, lean start-up and innovation.

Ana Rosa de Lima

Initiator of socio-environmental projects, Ana Rosa grew up in Marabá-PA, a city in the Amazonian Arc-of-Deforestation. As a witness of the destruction of the forest, she also saw how land conflicts were in the core of the problem and how the environmental and social issues need to be addressed together. She has lived in Germany since 2016, where she worked in the Duisburg-Essen University and started the podcast Apenã (in Portuguese). In the same country, in 2020, she started the non-profit organization Meli Bees Network gUG. The organization connects the Amazonian reality to an international environment and strengthens the Amazonian communities so that they can protect and regenerate vulnerable areas of the Amazon, always inspired on the locally native bees.

Liza Altena

Liza is Co-Founder and CSO of repath GmbH- a Greentech Start-Up that develops an intelligent SaaS Solution for climate adaption to enable businesses to sustainably grow. Previously Liza has been the Director of Sales International Markets at Deutsche Bahn ECO for 5 years. She is experienced and passionate about global sales and partnering. Moreover, she is building up and leading divers, international teams of different sizes for over 10 years and brings in strong leadership and organizational development skills, especially in New Work. As true female leader she also has her own coaching business focusing on development of female leaders and team development. Liza holds a bachelor of Business Administration and is an educated Life Coach.

Thomas Remke

Thomas is Co-Founder and CIO at repath - a Greentech Start-Up that develops an intelligent SaaS Solution for climate adaption to enable businesses to sustainably grow. With his deep knowledge in the climate system as well as in global and regional climate modelling combined with scientific software development competence he enables repath to build an automated climate data backend . As climate scientist by training, he holds a PhD and has experience for more than seven years in climate research at Climate Service Center Germany (GERICS).