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The trainee, Flore

​Good afternoon fellow recruiters, designers, and everyone outside of this crazy market!

A month into my role, and I've decided, why not share my journey and thoughts as a trainee with whoever cares to read? I mean, I think I may have a way with words and some people find some of my thoughts interesting. A dash of crazy, but interesting nonetheless😂

Honestly, the first thing I want to talk about is the weather because? Global warming? PLEASE take it easy on me. After being locked up at home since you know, we were in the midst of a panoramic, my immune system is in the bin. It really is.

Enter sickly Flore. Sneezing, coughing, sniffling, you can imagine the scene (SN – double vaxxed and regular testing, safety first!). I'm sure many people can relate. But to make matters worse, I'm a TRAINEE RECRUITER! A role that includes just a smidge of phone calling. 😅This means designers are getting called from a recruiter (I mean, people aren't always the biggest fans of recruiters, I've learned fast😂), a trainee at that and she's full of an annoying cold.

I want to be honest, it's nerve-wracking! Evidently from my previous posts, I'm loving the role – I really do love speaking to people. But I am still finding my footing and being full of a cold can make it a bit daunting picking up the phone. Can you imagine, this recruiter calling you up, sniffling, sneezing – a whole mess and a half, jheeeeeeze. I mean people have been just as kind, but anxiety is always more of a personal thing, isn't it? 

It is key to remember I'm human though, just like the designers I speak to. So that will be my constant mantra through this FAKE Autumn period as well as the upcoming Winter period. I also try a remind myself, I'm essentially still a baby in this game. Friday will make it a month; a month flies by! Plenty of time, but also not that much time. Maybe the panoramic intensified my anxieties in general, but I also learned its key to be kind to yourself. Life is very precious and fleeting, so it's important to take care of yourself.

Actually, that's where I leave my first post. Wherever you are, whatever you may be going through – remember to be kind to yourself. Tomorrow is always a new day, a new start and a new opportunity to smash it, so you've got this. And even if you haven't got it right now, Spring will come back around and things will be brighter. The sun always comes back out.

Good luck to those starting new roles and new journeys, and sending encouragement and positivity to those already in the midst of their journey. Remember to do something for yourself this week!

I hope you all understood the panoramic reference, but if not –take a look at this video. Hopefully, it'll make you chuckle a little bit. If not, let's just pretend.