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Ode 1 Trans Allyshiplgbtq And Supporting Trans Employees With Aubrey Stearn

Episode 1 – Trans allyship, LGBTQ+ and supporting trans employees with Aubrey Stearn

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Episode 1 – Trans allyship, LGBTQ+ and supporting trans employees with Aubrey Stearn

We interviewed the inspirational, warm and passionate Aubrey Stearn otherwise known as Bree, an interim CTO. Bree is the first trans-CTO in the UK and has previously held interim roles at Oakam, Nationwide, Arcadia, Pizza Hut and Travel Lodge.

Bree’s passion for technology sparked when she played video games her father, which enabled her to learn the basics on computers. Bree talked about technology overall as an accepting, progressive industry and she is proud of it’s accessibility; with communities such as the Women in DevOps. A community that enables people from all walks of life to come together.

She touched on her experiences of transitioning in the workplace, and how employees, employers and organisations can create an inclusive and safe environment to support and become allies of the LGBTQ+ community. Bree mentioned the importance of creating a safe workplace, and reiterated the significance by saying, people may not be able to understand what you are going through; not all illnesses or things that people are dealing with are visible. Inclusive allyship supported by kindness are the foundational building blocks to creating an inclusive work environment.

Bree discussed the relevance of nailing external factors such as gender pronouns, because it means a lot to the LGBTQ+ community. Be understanding that not all have nailed masteries in their assumed genders so always allow space for that.

Bree touched on the trans community, with one of the most prominent being Caitlyn Jenner, as she transitioned in front of the world and helped make the trans cause more visible. Bree aspires to use her presence as a platform for others voices to be heard. Bree is an inspirational figure, and influential leader who is committed to driving positive change and unknowingly redefining leadership.