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Job Hunting During Uncertain Times

Job hunting during uncertain times

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Job hunting during uncertain times

During times of uncertainty, it can be hard to distinguish which channels are most effective to help you fine-tune your job searching strategy. Take a look through some of our hints, tips and advice on job hunting during uncertain times.

During times of uncertainty, it can be hard to distinguish which channels are most effective to help you fine-tune your job searching strategy. Take a look through some of our hints, tips and advice on job hunting during uncertain times.

Update your CV and online profile (LinkedIn)

  • LinkedIn – the entire world has become virtual, so there has never been a time when more people are more active on the platform so spend some time having a look around. Maybe you’ll come across your dream opportunity!

  • When updating your CV make sure you include your soft skills as well as your technical skills i.e ‘Proven ability to work from home’ or ‘Experience in managing remote teams’ – it can be a real benefit to an employer when they first review your CV given the current climate.

Prepare for virtual interviews properly

  • Ensure you have the correct setup to facilitate an interview i.e video camera, the correct applications or sites.

  • Make sure you’re in a quiet space where you won’t be interrupted by the kids, your pet dog or housemate!

  • Take your time, don’t rush. Remember, it’s very similar to a traditional on-site face to face interview and you wouldn’t rush your answers in person.

  • MAKE SURE YOU HAVE QUESTIONS READY TO ASK – Do your research on the company!

Find a mentor/buddy

  • Connect with your role model, reach out to them for advice on your career, leadership style or general skills advice. Mentors provide you with professional support and can equip you with the knowledge required to enhance your success.

Extra-curricular Activity

  • Learn something new outside of the realm of your usual learning. Check out Google, General Assembly for online courses.

  • Learn a language or code to expand your knowledge.

Identify growth

  • Distinguish which industries are performing well and think about venturing outside of your comfort zone.

  • Identify companies that are succeeding in today’s world – keep up with trends, market challenges and opportunities to understand what is taking place.

Reach out to your network:

  • Utilise your existing relationships and make yourself known to others in your social network that you are in search of a new opportunity. There may be roles available with the people you’ve worked with previously. Drop them a message, you never know what it may yield.

  • Message me or anyone else from

    Trust in Soda

    – we’re always here to support you with career advice, guidance or just to have a friendly conversation.

Connect with your community

  • Join relevant slack channels and relevant groups to join market leading discussions and other technology enthusiasts.

  • Join Women in DevOps and SODA Social Meet-up channels to stay informed with the latest tips and tricks. (this will be a great way to hear from hiring managers in the tech space and how they are reacting during this time).

  • Join our

    Trinnovo Group ‘Recruitment Coaching Couch session’ which takes place on a bi-weekly basis where we offer free online recruitment coaching webinar sessions. Join us for a live Q&A panel where we will be discussing the latest tips, career advice and support on employment during uncertain times.

  • Trust in SODA are also hosting various podcasts which can be found on the Soda site: Be sure to check out our LinkedIn page as well for regular updates on the podcasts and upcoming Webinars. We are soon to be launching a SODA Social series and we have Women in DevOps webinars scheduled with some great discussions planned on

    ‘How to maintain DevOps best practices remotely'

    (you don’t want to miss it).

Look after yourself – health and wellbeing

  • Look after your mental health:

    • Meditating

      can help you combat anxiety, sleep better, hone your focus and relax. There are a number of meditation apps that come highly recommended that can be accessed for free (with options to upgrade to premium content and features.)  These include Headspace, Calm, Buddhify, insight Timer and Aura. 

    • Social media

      could help you stay in touch with people, but might also make you feel anxious if people are sharing news stories or posting about their worries. Consider a digital detox from time-to-time and break or limit how you use social media. 

    • Keep your brain active.

      Listen to podcasts, watch films, read a book or listen to music. Learn something new, like a language, instrument, art or craft. Watch films virtually together with friends/family on Netflix live.

    • Socialise virtually - Socialise with family and friends - you can do this in many ways including phone calls, messages, Facetime and social networks.

    • Nutrition

      - New research suggests that your food choices affect your mood. Having a healthy gut enables a healthy mind. Ensure to have a well balanced diet and keep that food-mood happy and healthy. You could even try to grow your own herbs, plants, vegetables or fruit.

    Keep healthy and active:

    • NHS Fitness -

      The NHS Fitness Studio provides 24 instructor-led videos across aerobics exercise, strength and resistance, and Pilates and yoga categories. These workouts have been created by fitness experts Instructor Live, range from 10 to 45 minutes and can be accessed for free.

    • Cooking- Move over Nigella; attempt to create a ridiculously extravagant baking recipe; trying new recipes and cooking not only will keep you busy but can help you stay healthy. Lots of recipes can be found online and you can also find cooking tutorials on YouTube. 

Stay connected:

    • Follow us on the various social media platforms and keep up to date with our latest podcasts, blogs, awards, webinars, videos and company news.

We hope our tips can help support you in your job-hunt for your next career move or job opportunity. For more information on how we can support reach out to our team on we are here to help, you can always trust our network, trust our people, Trust In SODA. Stay safe and stay home.​