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Artificial Intelligence The Facts

Artificial Intelligence – the facts!

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Artificial Intelligence – the facts!

​Once the topic of artificial intelligence creeps into conversation, an inescapable sci-fi plot plays through my mind… you know the typical, man-made intelligence exceeds limits and turns on the creator.

Next thing you know... a melancholy sky is falling upon a crumbling city, divided in two; robot and human. With Will Smith probably there leading the way into battle…

It seems the theme of AI/ relationship between human and robot, has been conquered by Hollywood. However, the Scientifics behind it, may not be so far behind. ANI [Artificial Narrow Intelligence] is used by us and for us every day and I bet you didn’t even know it!

EXAMPLE: When your plane lands, it’s not a human that decides which gate it should go to. Just like it’s not a human that determined the price of your ticket.