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Our CTO Insights Report is Here!

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Our CTO Insights Report is Here!

The latest insights from Trust in SODA’s incredible network are here! We love asking ‘What’s next?’ in the tech space, and who better to ask the question to than a roundtable full of thought leaders?

The SODA squad teamed up with no less than five of the industry’s finest to host our latest roundtable discussion, and the results did not disappoint. We covered the latest and greatest goings on in the tech space, including:

  • ChatGPT’s use case conundrum

  • Business, bots, and the rise of machine learning

  • How we teach tech

  • Tomorrow’s trends

  • Remote working and the nice-to-haves

Through discussions just like this, SODA can drive the discussions that matter, build bridges, and create opportunities for those looking to excel in the boundless world of tech. A huge thank you to our thought leaders: Efua Akumanyi, David Crawford, Charlie Perrins, Víctor Moreno Alhambra, and Mykolas Sirius – we hope to connect again soon.