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Marketing and the Mysteries of the Metaverse

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Marketing and the Mysteries of the Metaverse

​The metaverse is making big promises, and the forward-thinking marketing teams of the world are already poised to take full advantage, but what exactly do those advantages look like?

The mysteries of the metaverse represent more than a Marvel-esque blog title, they symbolise immense changes to modern life as we know it.

Some have described the metaverse as a 3D internet, others as a ‘deeply uncomfortable, worse version of Zoom.’ Whatever the descriptor you settle on, there’s no denying the incredible marketing potential in an infinitely scalable virtual reality.

An Opportunity for Innovation

We’re obsessed with innovation at Trust in SODA, so naturally, we’re excited about what the future of the metaverse has to offer.

The rise of AR and VR has marked the start of a new era for digital tech, and naturally, digital tech recruitment.

The top talent in this space will be responsible for creating the marketing campaigns of the future, and they’ll use all the leading-edge tech at their disposal to get it done.

For businesses looking to get ahead in this virtual space, having the right people on board is a must.

Recruiting highly specialised candidates to fill niche roles can be tough if you’re struggling to tap into a dwindling talent pool.

At SODA, we use a community-led recruitment methodology to source the top digital tech talent, enabling us to pinpoint the perfect person for the opportunity. Let us know if you need a bespoke hiring solution, we have you covered (even in a talent-short market).

A New Dimension

Marketing in the metaverse will likely see brands creating immersive new worlds in the virtual space – it’s a prime opportunity for telling a brand story in the most engaging way imaginable.

Marketing has always been about telling a story, and now we can tell that story through a new dimension. Companies like Disney and Nike have already taken to the metaverse in force, developing virtual experiences that enable their customers to socialise, buy products, embark on adventures and in Nike’s case, game together.

Merging various experiences into an all-in-one centralised location is helping to level up marketing, provided businesses can make a solid connection between the physical offering and the virtual realm.

Key points to note here include:

·      Brand Cohesion – Is your brand’s voice and aesthetic consistent across every channel?

·      Location – Does your metaverse experience align with your brand’s physical location experience?

·      Customer Reach – Marketing is at its most powerful when it targets the right person. Are you reaching the right people inside the metaverse? It’s worth thinking about who your product and services are aimed at, and whether or not that audience is engaged with the technology.

What’s the USP?

For some companies, the visual storytelling potential of the metaverse makes perfect sense. Architects have been using AR to walk their customers through new designs for years, and in many ways, the metaverse would be the ideal extension of this process.

For other industries, a slightly more abstract approach will need to be explored, and if the metaverse delivers on its promise of great potential, this is entirely possible.

Deliveroo is a good example of this, having partnered with the popular video game Animal Crossing to send virtual riders all over the gaming world. That was two years ago, and the space has evolved substantially since then.

If it can be imagined, it can be made inside the metaverse, or at least, that’s what the platform stands for – it’s a marketer’s dream.

Marketing Tips

In the name of actionable points, here are five metaverse marketing tips to be getting on with:

  1. Start off small. Developing a virtual metaverse marketing campaign can get expensive quickly. It’s worth setting goals and sticking to them. For example, do you want to use the platform to create a more engaging conference experience? It’s Teams within Teams!

  2. Incorporate traditional market techniques. Don’t forget the basics – an eye-catching CTA is a must, but now you can mount it on a virtual billboard.

  3.  Find your community. If you don’t have the resources to build your own metaverse platform just yet, it’s important to market your brand on platforms that your target community uses, just make sure that your marketing resonates with them in a way they’re used to on the platform.

  4. Organise events. The metaverse has great potential in the event space. Transcend physical barriers by organising a virtual get-together. This can drum up publicity and help you put your metaverse platform on the digital map.

  5. Build the right teams. It’s people that power the world, so you’ll need to make sure you have the right team on board. You’ll likely need a versatile skillset that consists of creativity and hard skills like coding and software engineering too.

Whether you’re invested in the metaverse yet or not, businesses will need to watch this space, as it could represent the evolution of marketing everywhere.