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Podcast Episode #15 - It's Time to Close the Gender Gap

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Podcast Episode #15 - It's Time to Close the Gender Gap

This panel discussion is a pre-recorded webinar, but we felt the content was so impactful, we decided to share it with our podcast listeners. Our SODA Social community came together for our webinar panel discussion, ‘It’s Time to Close the Gender Gap,’ with our wonderful friends at Code Institute, sponsored by Deloitte. Led by our very own Ronan Connell, the discussion touched on a plethora of topics, which included: 

🌟 The importance of visibility and encouragement from a young age
🔎 Simple changes matter: the value of reviewing job ads and scrutinising terminology
🔥 Tackling burnout and the advantage of flexible working
👩‍💻 Imposter syndrome is real and can impact the progression 
🙏 The power of mentorship 
💡 Code Institute’s Springboard programme: supporting women through training schemes
🌐 Developing confidence, leveraging your network and having faith 
🌈 Why a diverse hiring process and recruitment process matters 

From all at SODA Social, we’d like to thank our excellent panellists Jessica Cregg, Jane Gormleyand Julieanne Flemingfor their eye-opening and comprehensive insights.