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Case Study: Ford

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Case Study: Ford


Through their consistent innovations and commitment to driving human progress, Ford has been defining the shape of the automotive industry for over one hundred years. The manufacturing foundations laid down by Ford in the early 20th century transformed worldwide industrial practice forever.

To continue their mission of building a better and more mobile world where everyone is free to pursue their dreams, Ford is leading change across the increasingly electrified automotive landscape. In order to keep doing this, they need the right people onboard.


Game-changing projects rarely have the luxury of time. Ford needed to fill key positions on a tight schedule, and in a climate where top talent is increasingly difficult to come by, project timeframes start to suffer.

In an effort to reduce their time to fill and secure vital, reliable, and retainable candidates, Ford turned to the team at Trust in SODA for support.


A wide range of roles and responsibilities power Ford’s consistent innovation, and this means hiring for a diverse group of candidates. Trust in SODA was able to combine its market expertise with their global community talent network, sourcing highly technical candidates whose vision and skillsets aligned with Ford’s mission.

Through a community-led approach to hiring, Trust in SODA were able to ensure that the candidates hired were diverse and a good cultural fit. By embedding their services and connecting as part of the wider company, the team at Trust in SODA were able to attract and maintain top-quality candidates.


‘TIS has been a valued addition to our program. The contacts are very professional, the timing and communication is flawless, and the “above and beyond” approach to the client is consistent, even with changes in the POCs.’ – Celeste de le Roche, Programme Director on behalf of Ford of Britain.


  • Over 3 CVs sent to every role 

  • Helped them to build diverse technical teams, attracting an retaining a range of women developers

  • 100% of Contractors Extended beyond their initial assignment