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Pride Month 2023 (2)

Voices of Pride 2023: Meet Jaipal Sachdev

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Voices of Pride 2023: Meet Jaipal Sachdev

​​To celebrate Pride Month, we are interviewing some of our incredible Thought Leaders here at SODA. Meet Jaipal Sachdev, who is a Supply Chain Leader, and DEI Advocate. We were keen to find out what Pride means to Jaipal, as well as his background and career achievements.

Where did you study and what got you into tech?

I studied at Imperial College, Chemical Engineering. I really enjoyed engineering but I was fascinated by ‘How it’s made videos’ and so I wanted to combine that and go into manufacturing.

What have been your biggest career and personal achievements to date?

My biggest career achievement was being able to lead our LGBTQ+ Employee Network, 3M Pride. I have the privilege to lead a team of 34 committed individuals to ally for 1300 members. My biggest personal achievement was being highlighted as a 2022Top 100 Global LGBT Leader by Involve.

How would you describe Pride?

Pride is about allowing yourself and others to be their true authentic selves. It is about celebrating sexual orientation, and gender identity and expression but not forgetting the barriers that LGBTQ still face in everyday life. It’s a reminder that the ongoing fight for equality is not over.

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