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Damn! That's Good Data! #3

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03 November 2022 12:00-12:00

On Thursday evening SODA Social flew to Berlin to host the highly anticipated return of our ‘Damn! That’s Good Data! series led by Suki Sidhu.  

The event touched on a series of presentations exploring the many ways in which data can be collated, stored and implemented. Allegra Grunberg explored the democratisation of data, and how shifting data analysis from corporate America can benefit society. We then welcomed Y42’s Raúl Berganza Gómez, who looked at venture data moats and how different data strategies can be implemented to ensure their business is more defensible when leveraging their data.

Finally, Irina Nikiforova led an interesting discussion on data ethics VS business growth, referencing the Russian banking industry and considering GDPR, data privacy issues and ethical factors.  

We’d like to thank our fantastic panel members for all their rich and comprehensive insights. Thank you, also, to the team at Y42 for hosting us on Thursday evening. 

Keep your eyes peeled – we will be hosting more Damn That’s Good Data into 2023!  

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