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Bisexuality 101

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02 June 2023 07:30-10:30

Join us for our upcoming event hosted by our community platform, Pride in Tech! ​It's time to learn more about bisexuality. Join us on June 1st for our latest in-person panel event, where we’ll explore the fundamentals of the bi experience, the impact of prejudice from inside the Queer community, and the power of active allyship. With the help of both our audience and expert panellists, we can uncover the knowledge and tools needed to combat biphobia and build a fairer, kinder future for all.​

Discussion points:

  • The fundamentals of the bi-experience

  • The implications of prejudice inside the queer community

  • How technology has changed the bisexual experience

  • The power of advocacy

  • The impact of a culture of belonging

  • Tools, tips and techniques to combat bi-phobia

Our panel of speakers include:

  • Abi Chamberlain - Chair at Pride in Tech

  • Victor Moreno - Head of Engineering at Her

  • Bryant Yang - Cloud Platform Engineer and Co-Chair at London Bi-Network

  • Ashleigh Phipps - Host at Pride in Tech

  • Sian Jones, Co-Chair of London Bi Network

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