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Damn! That's Good Data!

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09 June 2022 13:00-13:00

​Data. It gets a lot of bad press! People make assumptions about data, and their first thoughts are of businesses leveraging for consumer exploitation to the global Cambridge Analytica scandal and governmental control, or even AI robotics taking over the world.

What isn’t as well known is that there are many companies out there also using data for good and the mission of our new series 'Damn That’s Good Data', Is to help balance the narrative by creating a platform to showcase them. Please note this is 5.30 pm - 7.30 pm (CEST).

This could be:

  • ✅ Companies with a data-driven product/service for the good of humanity (Healthcare, Environmental, etc)

  • ✅ Businesses utilising data to make internal changes that enhance society (energy efficiency operational changes, etc)

  • ✅ Any organisation leveraging data to benefit the lives of their own people or their consumers in a quantifiable, data-driven way.

This will also serve as a platform for shared learning and passionate discussion of today’s key topics in the Data ecosystem. This month's event will consist of a number of short presentations and Q&A culminating in a hot topic round table that will be voted for live by the attendees!

Please note all participants, who sign up for the event, agree with the image/video release.


  • Suki Sidhu - Host & Chair

  • Philip Groth - Data Leader at CGM

  • Farisada Nurmohamed - Data Evangelist @ Choco

  • Boris Borja - Business Intelligence Analyst @ HelloFresh

  • Chiara Pusceddu - Environmental Engineer @ HelloFresh

Philip Groth
Philip is a Data Leader with 15+ years of experience in Data Science and Digital Health. Philip has worked in Academia, Pharma and Healthcare Tech companies and focuses on enabling better decision-making in healthcare by combining great tools with great data.

Farisada Nurmohamed
Fari is a 15+ year professional with a dynamic history operating in the data space. Fari has a strong background in data leadership as a Technical Program Manager and today her mission is finding the best talent to build a more sustainable, transparent and inclusive world by leveraging data. Fari loves working on challenging smart solutions to solve real-life problems; from energy-saving algorithms to food sustainability to public safety.

Boris Borja
Boris is part of the Supply Chain Analytics Team, where he manages all sustainability data products for all international country groups. He works closely with stakeholders to leverage best practices to collect and transform data. To develop insightful products that empower teams to track and minimize waste.

Chiara Pusceddu
Within the broader Sustainability team, in her role, Chiara helps monitor the quality and consistency of environmental, social and governance (ESG) data to track performance against KPIs and to incorporate sustainability factors and risks in the business model. She supports her team in following the state of ESG requirements to ensure Sustainability is performed according to accepted standards and the reporting within policies and regulations.

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