​​​Micha is our Learning, Development and Performance Lead and is involved in all of our coaching and facilitation for SODA and the wider Trinnovo Group. Micha is dedicated to creating collaborative, innovative, and top-tier learning experiences for both entry-level and seasoned consultants, spanning 12-week academies, personalised coaching, and a mix of in-person and virtual workshops. With a strong passion for everything people, technology and culture, Micha is driven to unlock the potential of individuals both internally and within the partnerships she holds as an extension of SODA.

With a decade-long journey in recruitment, Micha has served on both permanent and contract desks as a consultant in London and Auckland, New Zealand. During the pandemic, she embraced her passion for coaching, earning her first coaching qualification and applying it in the health and wellness sector. Continuously fuelling her enthusiasm for personal development, Micha seamlessly integrates her recruitment sector expertise into the realm of learning and development. Her growth mindset keeps her at the forefront of innovation, and her adept relationship skills ensure the constant development of partnerships.

"I joined SODA and the wider Trinnovo Group because of my commitment to coaching, facilitation, and a profound passion for fostering a thriving culture. The organisation's mission to build diversity, promote inclusion, and encourage workplace innovation resonates deeply with me. Recognising the industry's privilege, I find the group's clear diversity goals, both internally and externally, incredibly significant and within Trinnovo Consulting we have an even bigger opportunity to create impact with our clients. Paired with their unwavering commitment to technology enablement and learning and development, we have a winning formula for success. You'll consistently find me engaged in conversations about the latest tech, DEI and how we can drive behaviours that contribute to a vibrant and inclusive workplace culture."