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Systems Engineer Jobs in London

​Systems engineers are tech’s big problem solvers. If you’ve got a knack for managing relationships, developing organisational needs, and of course, working with the latest and greatest tech systems, it’s worth turning your attention to the world of systems Engineer Jobs.

Here at Trust in SODA, we’ve placed many great systems engineers in thriving digital tech companies – we love helping write success stories, and we know what it takes to get ahead in the tech space.

We asked around, and here are some top tips from our best tech recruiters:

1. Gain Expertise in system design and implementation

Starting with the obvious must-have, expertise in system design and implementation ranks at number one. Systems engineers typically possess a wealth of knowledge when it comes to designing adaptable and highly complex IT systems, which includes the intricacies of hardware, software, networking, and databases.

2.     Establish a commitment to learning

Historically, systems engineers tend to be educated to a degree level, carrying awards in computer science, engineering, and other related fields. Thanks to the diversification of the hiring process, this is changing for the better, and there are many alternative routes into the profession. That said, systems engineer jobs are founded on constant professional development, so a commitment to learning and upskilling is essential.

3.     Get the right certifications

Depending on who you’re working for (and what industry you’re in) you may need to get your hands on some certifications. You can get certifications from INCOSE, the International Council on Systems Engineering, to drive your career progression forward.

4.     Find the right recruiter

The right recruiter can make all the difference. It can be difficult to know what kind of opportunities are out there with the help of a specialist, and in a space as complex as tech, it’s important to have someone fighting your corner. That said, recruitment doesn’t have the best. We’re trying to change that for the better. At Trust in SODA, we pride ourselves on our industry-leading NPS score – it’s the gold standard for us, and underpins our dedication to our people-first, community-led recruitment services. Let us know if you need support and we can assign one of our specialist tech consultants to light the way.

5.     Network

Networking is crucial in today’s digitally connected world. It can unlock access to opportunities that might have been completely invisible before. If you stay in your lane, you only ever get to see inside that one lane. Networking can widen your horizons, and it’s easier than many people think. LinkedIn is our favourite, and we’d recommend it to anyone reaching out to try and form connections. Even if you’re reaching out to get yourself a mentor, every connection makes a big difference.

6.     Find your niche!

You’ll find systems engineer jobs everywhere, you don’t have to restrict yourself to tech-born companies. Which industry excites you the most? What kind of work are you interested in doing? Ask yourself the big questions and align your goals with your career. Before you know it, you’ll find yourself in a position to narrow down your options and home in on your niche.

The Trust in SODA team is here to help. Whether you’re hiring or trying to get hired, Trust in SODA are the digital tech recruitment partners you can believe in.

In the heart of the tech revolution, London has firmly established itself as a pulsating global hub for innovation, attracting tech professionals from every corner of the world. With a vibrant ecosystem, boundless opportunities, and a diverse talent pool, London stands tall as an exceptional city for those seeking to thrive in the tech industry. Trust in SODA, with our global reach and London HQ, is your ally in this bustling metropolis, connecting digital tech professionals with exciting careers both locally and across the globe.

A Dynamic Tech Ecosystem:

London is a cradle of tech dynamism, hosting a rich blend of startups, scale-ups, and multinational tech giants. From the iconic Silicon Roundabout (Shoreditch) to the bustling Tech City and the finance-driven Canary Wharf, the city teems with innovation and entrepreneurial spirit. This vibrant ecosystem nurtures collaboration, knowledge sharing, and the pursuit of ambitious ideas, creating an inspiring environment for tech professionals to flourish.

Limitless Tech Opportunities:

London boasts a myriad of tech opportunities across diverse industries, with finance, media, e-commerce, and healthcare at the forefront. The city's powerful financial sector attracts fintech pioneers, while its creative industries offer fertile ground for digital media and entertainment ventures. Moreover, London's thriving AI, machine learning, and cybersecurity sectors present a wealth of possibilities for tech professionals yearning to shape the future with cutting-edge technologies.

Access to Top Talent:

As a global tech magnet, London attracts top-tier talent from renowned universities and tech hubs worldwide. Trust in SODA's London HQ serves as a hub for connecting talent from diverse corners of the globe to the city's dynamic opportunities. This international influx of expertise and perspectives nurtures creativity, collaboration, and cultural enrichment, making London an unrivalled space for tech professionals to connect, learn, and thrive.

Global Footprint, Local Expertise:

At Trust in SODA, our impact transcends borders. While headquartered in London, we extend our digital tech recruitment services worldwide. Our global reach allows us to source and match talent and opportunities across continents, ensuring that our candidates and clients benefit from a truly international perspective. We embrace the diversity of talents and experiences, bringing the world closer together and fostering a global tech community.

Personalized Recruitment Partnership:

Trust in SODA takes a people-first approach to digital tech recruitment. We go beyond the surface, delving into the values, aspirations, and long-term visions of our candidates and clients alike. With a keen understanding of the London tech scene and a deep appreciation for global dynamics, we curate meaningful connections that extend far beyond mere skillsets. Our personalized approach ensures that every match aligns with the essence of who our candidates are and the culture of the organizations they join.


London's tech realm beckons tech professionals with a promise of boundless possibilities, while Trust in SODA stands as a global force, connecting individuals and opportunities across borders. Our London HQ serves as a launchpad for dreams to take flight on an international scale. Embrace the allure of London's tech scene, enriched by its diversity, innovation, and growth, and let Trust in SODA be your steadfast partner in unlocking your true potential, whether it be in the heart of the city or across the vast expanse of our interconnected world.

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