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Salesforce Architect Jobs in Zug

Hoping to explore the latest and greatest Salesforce architect jobs on the market? Good choice! Check out the benefits below:

Be in Demand, Get Paid: Salesforce devs are hot property - high salaries and tons of jobs!

Code with Impact: Build the tools that power customer relationships and see real results.

Never Stop Learning: Salesforce keeps evolving, so you'll always be on the cutting edge.

Choose Your Path: From UI design to automation, there's a Salesforce dev role for you.

Join the Ohana: The Salesforce community's got your back - learn and grow with the best.

The team at Trust in SODA is here to help - tell us your career goals, and we’ll connect you with an environment you can thrive in.

Nestled lakeside in the shadow of the Alps, the Swiss canton of Zug is renowned for its picturesque beauty and high standard of living. In recent years, Zug has added to its long list of enticing features to emerge as a thriving tech hub. 

Often hailed as Europe's Blockchain capital, Zug’s Crypto Valley is home to some of the best tech talent you’ll find anywhere. 

With its innovative, startup-friendly environment and favourable business conditions, Zug has become a top destination for innovators and job seekers alike. 

Whether it’s advancements in Blockchain, Healthcare, Fintech, or cloud and infrastructure, Zug boasts opportunities across an impressive range of sectors and disciplines. In fact, we love the place so much that we opened a physical office there! If you’re looking for tech recruiters in Switzerland, then we’ve got you covered. After recently obtaining our SECO license, we’re excited to expand our services further into Switzerland, and Zug has proven to be the ideal launchpad. 

Whether you’re hoping to hire or get hired, our Swiss recruitment division is equipped with the means to help. Our community-led hiring methodology can help you navigate tech talent shortages and plug skill gaps with diverse, engaged, best-in-class candidates. 

As a B Corp accredited recruitment firm, we’re eager to partner with businesses that share our vision of a fairer, greener future for all. Switzerland, a world leader in sustainable business, represents the perfect opportunity to form impactful partnerships in this space.

If you’re interested in learning more about Trust in SODA, get in touch with the team today, we’re always happy to make new connections.