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Marketing and Sales

Marketing and Sales

Looking for your next Marketing Executive, Head of Marketing, Business Development Manager or Sales Director? Then look no further as we can assist with Marketing and Sales recruitment needs. Marketing is a fundamental process in attracting, communicating, and understanding consumer behaviour to promote the products or services of a business. The Sales function is responsible for interacting with consumers, nurturing leads and sell products or services. A high-performing Marketing and Sales function work in collaboration and are aligned on pricing, business objectives and business models. They understand their customers to increase acquisition and produce targeted ads to drive sales. 

If you have experience within Sales or Marketing and are looking to utilise your technical expertise with cutting edge start-ups, B2B and B2Cs or world-renowned brands in the industry then reach out to our Marketing and Sales recruitment specialists to find out more and our recent opportunities.

Ambition-quenching roles

We have access to a unique talent pool of specialists who are passionate about working with modern technologies and can become an integral part of the team, delivering vital data-driven marketing insight and offer the perfect combination of marketing intelligence and sales solutions.

Some of the key sectors that we focus on in the niche world of Marketing and Sales include Technology, telecommunications, e-commerce, News and Publishing, SAAS, EdTech and Financial Services to name a few. We can help build teams that address the needs of your business to drive sales.

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At SODA we are ridiculously passionate about what we do, and we absolutely LOVE the clients that we work with, both agency and client side. We are an experienced bunch; we work together; we help each other out; and we genuinely like going to work (dress down of course!).

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