Ben is a Senior Principal Consultant working on a European based contract desk for Soda and he also now leads the European 360 Contracts team which focuses on placing highly skilled diverse talent into business across Europe.

“For me working for SODA is an absolute pleasure, I’m surrounded by like-minded people who work hard and celebrate success regularly. We work in an environment that gives everyone the best opportunity to succeed and I know exactly what direction I’m going in with my career.”

Originally from the south coast of England, Ben’s career began with teaching PE lessons in Primary schools and working as a football development coach for a charitable organization that was set up by a premier league football club to make a positive impact in the local community. After taking time out to travel through India and South-East Asia in 2017 he landed back in the UK to start working in tech recruitment. He has a real passion for travelling and experiencing diverse culture which is why working for a business who are such big promotors of DE&I and focusing on a European market is the perfect fit for him.