​Anthony specialises in helping companies in the DACH Region with building state of the art Computer Vision products by giving them access to the best talent available.

“Choosing a good recruitment company is like picking dessert, they're all good but deep down only one can be the best. That’s why I joined Trust in SODA - we’re the Red Velvet of desserts (the best), you should pick us too!”

Anthony is a true Dubliner, born in Coombe and raised in Palmerstown. Always not good enough to make the football team but if you crossed his path on the chessboard - you'd have serious competition! Anthony always thought he was talentless (other than being a chess & FIFA wizard), then realised his talent was finding talent… It was a real "light bulb" moment. From then on, Anthony launched into the tech recruitment world, now he can be found in the DACH regions hosting Podcasts & Meetups and helping his clients with hiring Computer Vision talents.