Helping Candidates

In the midst of this ever-changing digital landscape, SODA will always be able to provide candidates with exciting and enticing roles to map out the next move. We are dedicated to helping people develop their careers, so get in touch and let us know a bit about you today.

  • We meet all our candidates and drill down exactly what they are looking for, standard.
  • We research what is going on in the industry. Ranging from agency mergers to the latest innovative digital product being released, to the hot new company that’s making waves on the market.
  • We are a business and here to make money but not at the expense of your career. Be comforted in the fact that we have the candidates' best interest at heart and do what’s right for them.
  • We pay up to a £1000 referral fee for any successfully placed candidate
  • We regularly organise forums for leading Digital Practitioners across the industry including, UX, IA, Social Media, Gaming, Ecommerce and Technology keeping us abreast with cutting edge innovations and latest trends.

Contact us today to start discussions with our team.


"SODA is one of the best recruiting agencies I've ever worked with. They are incredibly helpful, very knowledgeable and always ready to advise throughout the different stages of the hiring process. They have given me a great understanding of the company to which I moved. Thanks, SODA for all your commitment. It has been a pleasure working with you. I totally recommend SODA!"

- Chief Marketing Officer


"I had the pleasure of being contacted by SODA with an invite to discuss my current skillset and possible future opportunities.  With a very relaxed, friendly and personal catch-up I really got a great first impression and motivated for the future. After forwarding my profile to a couple of positions, I was being frequently updated during the progress and the they really went an extra mile with the help and useful tips for every single step of the process.   If you're looking for new career opportunities in DevOps, I can't recommend SODA enough. They will go the extra mile to understand your job requirements to give you the right advice and opportunities."

- Senior Devops Engineer