Except you've been there 18 months and you're yet to see a snippet of stock, still doing the same work you did on day one and you're spending lunch time on the Easy Jet website booking a last minute trip away for you and your missus to the Costa Del Sol because the over time didn't convert into $$ and that pool party at the Caesars palace.

The Key Behind Thriving Fintech

Feeling like it all looks like a dog's dinner? Fear not. 

If you're ready for a change and a step up that keep reading. 

I won't promise you the world, but what I can offer is an opportunity with one of the globes largest and fastest growing intelligence companies with a clear cut structure for progression and the opportunity to succeed in a lead position which is made up of some of the best engineers in London who have come from prestigious brands and companies.  

Interested? I'd love to have a coffee (Or Iced Coffee in this weather!) in Central London with you or a call if you're not local to discuss. No obligation to proceed. Can only do after working hours? No problem my social life sucks anyway.

Even if the below description doesn't sound like you I have devOps/SRE/Platform roles across London and Europe to discuss to always worth a chat to see who I'm working with at the moment. 

My client is seeking a Senior and Lead Platform Engineers. You will have a heavy experience on automation, with very strong knowledge of AWS and Docker. You will be working with development teams promoting Devops and Continuous Delivery, as well as developing and supporting enabling technologies. 

Being passionate about what you do it essential to success in this team.

Knowledge and experience of: 

  • Docker
  • AWS (CloudFormation, EC2 & ECS, RDS)
  • Languages: Python, Golang, Node, Bash, Ruby, Java, Groovy etc…
  • Linux admin and automation
  • Immutable infrastructure
  • RabbitMQ, ElasticSearch/SOLR, MongoDB, *SQL
  • Jenkins
  • Datadog, Logentries, ELK
  • HAProxy/Nginx 

This role is a collaborative one and you will need to demonstrate excellent communication skills and ideally have worked within cross functional teams.

With your Development and Operations experience you’ll be able to help my client with promote best practices, share knowledge, and collaboratively improve their platform.  

I'll speak to you soon!