Last night we launched our first of a series of Dublin-based Women in DevOps events.

The Key Behind Thriving Fintech

We are ecstatic with how the evening unfolded, first off we had Silvia García Monteagudo who delivered a truly inspiring talk on her journey into Software Engineering, and the obstacles and challenges she faced and how she overcame them - it’s a story that truly resonated with many of the audience: ‘My journey is every women’s journey. Being told that “it’s a boy’s thing, boys are better in science or it’s too dangerous… time and time again.” But it’s not scary if you’re passionate, it’s not a boy thing – it’s everyone thing.’ – Silvia Monteagudo from iQuanti, Inc.

For our second discussion Nina Kanti spoke about the misconceptions about Blockchain and the future of this technology, and how she has utilised this throughout her career with Deloitte.

Last but not least we had Laura Varga from Walmart Labs, who discussed ecommerce and DevOps. We would just like to thank our community, our Dublin based team, our speakers and of course Walmart Labs for hosting us. We’re one step closer to eradicating the gender DevOps gap. Get involved, engaged and empowered by reaching out to our team.