Our SODA Squad are absolutely ecstatic to have won the ‘Diversity and Inclusion’ APSCo Award this year.

The Key Behind Thriving Fintech

We invest in our people and enjoy building long-lasting relationships to ensure we provide value and share a personable, genuine experience on an ongoing basis. Trust in Soda (SODA) was founded in 2013 to enhance the digital recruitment industries overall reputation with a culture of trust, collaboration, passion and innovation. We are proud of our diverse workforce and have a 3:4 male to female ratio which supports our core values and have promoted more women than men in 2018. Additionally, we decided to create an innovative solution with our D&I networking events and founded Women in DevOps, which reflects our core mission to empower women, support the gender imbalance and encourage diversity within the tech industry. As part of this initiative, we have visited Brazil, Ireland and the US, expanding our inclusive community.

As stated by the Judges, “Everything this company talked about was fully embedded in the organisation. It was incredibly impressive to see how far they have moved forward in the past 12 months and they demonstrated a clear understanding of their next areas for improvement.”

With thanks to our squad, we have become a balanced, inclusive workforce and aim to continue this as our company expands. Our mission is to become the most trusted recruitment member of the digital community: Trust our network, Trust our people, Trust In Soda.

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