Are you struggling with your CV? We’ve all been there... Writing your CV is a pain in the flipping side.

The Key Behind Thriving Fintech

What do you include on your CV? Where do you start? How long? How short? What’s the ‘right’ format? What goes first, the chicken or the experience?!

We feel your pain. The Trust In Soda team have been looking at CV’s for over fifty seven thousand and six hundred hours, that’s minus holidays, birthdays and bank holidays. We read them, we format them, we advise on them, we despair over them, we print them, we’ve cried over them, we wake up dreaming of them, no really, we do. So having all this pent up angst and general concern over how CV’s are done, Dave said...

“Let’s open the doors to all that want to face palm themselves, to all those who just can’t look at their CV for one more minute, without wanting to throw their computer on the floor...”

So that’s what the Trust In Soda team are doing!

From 4 pm until late, on Thursday the 7th of August, the CV wizardry school doors are WIDE open...

So be you trying to write your very first CV, (please don’t include ‘glass collecting’ unless you’re going for a bar job) or drafting one after 6 years in the same job (please don’t write your biography, your marital status and how many animals you have) or are a contractor of 15 years and wondering how to shorten your 16 page CV down into 3 (because you really should), then drop by, we’re here to help!!