To commemorate International Women’s Day, we hosted an internal webinar ‘Choose to Challenge’ IWD session, uncovering inequalities our leaders have experienced throughout their careers, whilst celebrating achievements and increasing visibility as well as the importance of calling out inequality.

The Key Behind Thriving Fintech


We spoke about the challenge of working in a typically male-dominated industry. Hayley Harkins, head of people and culture, expressed how you shouldn’t be afraid to speak out. However, if you don’t feel strong enough to push back, confide in someone you trust, whether it be a friend, family member or colleague. 

The importance of role models was also a prevalent theme. Perrin Joel, senior consultant at Broadgate Search, referenced her cousin as a key role model and reflected on her successful career. Perrin felt particularly inspired due to her attitude to life, illustrating how she ‘doesn’t let life happen to her, she takes any opportunity given to her to develop and grow.’ Vicki Dowthwaite, head of contract sales at Trust in SODA, reflected on advice a female colleague had once told her; she addressed the stereotypes women typically face in their career, often characterised as fiery; contrasted to men, who are often depicted as strong experts within their field. Vicki remembered how her manager advised her to influence perception and address these comments head-on. Antonia Otter, senior consultant at SODA added it is important to ask people ‘why’ exactly they feel this way, as often people are conditioned into this school of thought. 

James Cox, our CEO, offered some advice to the younger members of the team, informing our audience that it is okay to simply say ‘no’ regardless of the position you may hold. Hayley added that you shouldn’t give up; if you have the passion, spirit and willingness to do things you can succeed. 

Trust in SODA is part of Trinnovo Group. Our mission is to build diversity, create inclusion and encourage workplace innovation.