Our SODA Social Community came together for our latest webinar ‘Computer Vision in Production 3.0,’ as part of our SOD.AI series.

The Key Behind Thriving Fintech

The event was slightly different from its preceding editions; talks were individually presented by our technical speakers – honing in on the different elements of computer vision and machine learning.


Rodrigo Mallen focussed on the importance of camera and lens selection for a computer vision engineer, covering a spectrum of different elements from pixel sizes, camera interfaces and online recommendations. Junli Tao looked at body measurement and picking control; speaking about 2D object detection and well as using computer vision tools to estimate body measurements with two RGB images. Finally, Jan Zawadzki addressed the ‘do’s and don’ts of delivering AI projects,’ stressing the importance of how the future will eventually revolve around AI, as well as helpful AI tools and using AI in traditional projects.