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Feedback Revolution: Unleashing the Power of User-Centric Investment with Julia Kruslin

​Luchele sits down with Julia Kruslin, co-founder of beatvest, to discuss the conversation around the 'Feedback Revolution.' Julia is the co-founder of beatvest, an investment app that helps beginn...

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Coding Freedom: Harnessing the Power of Microservices

The smaller the better in the world of software. Scalable, agile, and deployable at the touch of a button, microservices are a popular approach to modern software development, but what does it invo...

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Is FoodTech Changing the World?

From synthetic meats to robotic line chefs, the FoodTech space is never short on innovation. Poised to solve some of the world’s oldest and most profound problems, the industry represents a transfo...

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What Should You Ask Your Recruiter?

A great recruiter does so much more than just fill roles – they’re a trusted career advisor equipped with the tools to help you thrive in the working world. That said, it can to know what to ask th...

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From Mumbai to Dusseldorf: A Female COO's Journey to Championing Diversity of Thought

​In the latest episode of SODA Social, Luchele had the pleasure of interviewing Diya Roychowdhury, COO at Taplasolutions. Diya brings over 14 years of experience in enabling teams and organizations...

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Net Promoter Score: Defining Our Customer-Centric Approach

​ At Trust in SODA, we pride ourselves on delivering unrivalled customer service. It’s why our Net Promoter Score (NPS) is such a mission-critical metric! You’re only as good as the quality of your...

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Diversity in Tech: Is Age Inclusivity The Final Frontier?

​Listen to our latest SODA Social conversation, hosted by Harry Murray. In this episode, we explored Product and Ageism in technology with Kavya Kaushik. Kav is The Joy Club's Head of Product. She ...

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Inside Look: Our First London Hackathon

​Our very first in-person London Hackathon is complete! On April 15th, the SODA squad had the pleasure of teaming up with Ex-Military Careers and the amazing Code Institute to orchestrate a hackath...

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How to Nail Your Technical Coding Interview

​For some, technical coding interviews are no more than a dread-inducing fiasco, a stealer of sleep, and potentially, a barrier to a dream job. Don’t let this big tech mainstay stop you from chasi...

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How Important is Your Brand Story in Talent Attraction?

​Whether you’re running a fresh-faced startup or a multinational corporation, you have a brand story, and it could provide you with an edge as you hunt for tech talent. Storytelling builds persona...

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