Check out our SODA Social podcast series, which is a Women in DevOps special. In our most recent episode, Rachael Egan spoke with Hanim Eken, and Ryan Gibbons, whom both work for 3M in Dublin.

The Key Behind Thriving Fintech

Women In DevOps have partnered with the 3M Digital Science community for 2022 with a common goal of increasing awareness and supporting diversity in their new Dublin headquarters. 

Hanim, who started her career in Turkey is now a component security engineer at 3M. Has had an exciting career to date focused on security within software engineer and cloud infrastructure. Today at 3M she works alongside Ryan who is one of 3M cyber security Managers here in Ireland, after relocating from their office in Salt Lake City in the US, he now lives here in Ireland together with his wife Bethany and their five children.