What started as a bit of fun on LinkedIn has turned into my main source of candidate attraction.

The Key Behind Thriving Fintech

I started with a few jokes that people could relate to, weather, partners etc. The views soon started picking up from around 500 views for simple text update of "Hot Jobs" to 10,000 for images that I had cropped myself into.This blog is about my top three posts that went viral...ish

Offer Or No Offer

I got this idea from the famous "Deal or no Deal" TV Show. With every post I do, I spin in into some sort of recruitmentrelated post. With the image of Noel Edmunds, or in this case me. This post reached over 12,000 views - landed me multipleconnection requests and the candidate I needed to fill a role I had been sourcing for some time.

The Flight Attendant

As always, trying to keep my posts relatable I came up with the Flight Attendant speech ‘Buckle Up’. Here at Trust in Soda we are a close-knit team both in and out of work and we refer to ourselves as Sodalites, which I used in context for the Cabin Crew. A life size jacket potato was from the life Jacket. The job opportunity slide was something weall want to jump on.

With a poor Photoshop (the worse the better) some silly comments and a speech that makes you smile whenyou read it, this was another one that went down a storm. Reaching over 15,000 views, bringing in several candidates and also getting a lot of comments and inbox messages from friends, colleagues and potential companies to work with, this was one of my favourites.

The Weatherman

Who hasn't seen the weatherman or lady? Again, keeping it to a subject everyone can relate to, this is another post that reached a huge audience on LinkedIn. Because I'm living ‘Dan Sath’ I play on my Northern accent, character and stereotype. YES, we all do love gravy and YES we're a lot cooler than the Southerners, YES it's always cold or raining "Up T North" HoweverI think that's why were always upbeat as were making the most of what we've got - not much!It probably didn't make me number one on Google….did it?

Stand out in your Market Checklist

1. Be Patient

This will not happen overnight and you won’t get instant likes, shares and views. 

2.Relatable Content

Make sure your content relates to your Market

3. Be Original 

So many recruiters do "Song Remixes" it's like a Broken Record - See what I did there :)? 

4. Be You

If you're not funny don't try to be - I'm not the most serious person, so when I attempt it it doesn't really work.

5. Be Consistent

I do one of these posts every Thursday, that way they don't get boring and everyone knows what’s coming.

6. Prepare 

As my teacher always said- "Failing to prepare, is preparing to fail" I always keep a mental note of things I find funny and use them as and when I need to.

7. Keep to Your Vision

8. Have Fun 

Love the #UXKid 

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