Due to the coronavirus pandemic, life has changed in hugely unimaginable ways for everyone in the past few weeks.

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With many of us having to adapt to new lifestyle changes such as social distancing and working from home. These changes have been a huge cultural shock to everyone which will inevitably have a lasting impact on how we live our lives.

How could these changes lead to bigger cultural shifts in the future and are any of our new habits here for the long term? What will the new “normal” look like?

This blog looks at the current changes to working life how this could affect our working lives moving forward and a change in working from home culture.

The issue of remote/flexible working was a huge talking point within many organisation’s long before the Covid-19 outbreak. This issue was a key motivation in many people’s job searches as they looked for a better work/life balance. In 2019 and early 2020 there was a huge rise in the number of companies offering work from home days which often gave them a huge competitive edge in attracting the very best talent. However, many companies refused to adopt this policy insisting their employees needed to work from the office.

For the most part, with current social distancing laws, there has been a total shift to working from home. Whilst it may have been an initial shock at first with many teething problems, many companies are now getting used to entirely working remotely. With many amazing tools at company’s disposal now to ensure that communication amongst teams remains the same and the level of output is still high there is no reason why many companies may choose to adopt working from home policies moving forward.


Businesses have not only had to adopt a change in mindset but are also realising that they are able to continue working to a high standard fully remotely. A large amount of the population has now seen first-hand the benefits of working from home which has been an eye-opening experience.

Whilst a better work/life balance has been proven to improve mental health and happiness amongst people there are also a number of other positives that can come from this change in attitude. With a more flexible work from home policy it will allow many people to not only save a huge amount on commuting costs but also benefit from the reduced stress of not having to do their regular commute on a daily basis. This will mean that parents can do the school run more often and spend more quality time with their families, go to the gym/workout before work or even just spend an extra hour in bed. It has been well documented in recent weeks the positive effect this has had on the environment with a huge dip in carbon emissions.


This also presents a great opportunity for businesses as they will directly benefit from the improved team morale and productivity. Another huge opportunity that presents itself from an increased flexible working policy is the chance to reduce expenditure. It will come as no surprise that many companies will be looking to reduce expenditure after things return to “normal”. Adopting a flexible working policy will allow for companies to reduce general office costs & reduce office space/rent costs in some cases.

With many people calling for a change in attitude towards remote working for a very long time – all it took was a global pandemic to cause a change in mindset…