I was sixteen, at college and the world of work was, for sure, unknown territory. Don’t get me wrong – I was eager, very eager, I just wanted to get started.

The Key Behind Thriving Fintech

When I heard initially about Trust in Soda, I was intrigued. It sounded a bit different from other recruitment firms and its culture and mission attracted me. It’s a very competitive landscape out there so when they offered me a six-week internship I jumped at it. That internship changed my life. 

After college, I joined Trust in Soda full time. I was eager to learn from true innovators and excited to become part of the SODA squad. That was four years ago. The company has grown phenomenally since then and I, like all of us at Trust in Soda, have grown with it.

Trust in Soda first opened its doors in August 2013, founded by two recruiters who had over ten years of recruitment experience and a vision to be ground-breaking trendsetters. Its first office was the size of Harry Potter’s bedroom. I should know. I was there, squeezed in as part of the furniture, doing anything and everything from making the tea, filing and background research. Fast forward five years and the business’s growth has been incredible – based on our brand reputation, our expertise and the quality of support from our consultants. We’ve already changed offices three times to accommodate growth and have grown organically into our current squad of eighteen.

It is a uniquely different place to work – a culture that believes in its people. 

“We wanted to create a business that provides a unique trusting workplace which enables our staff to professionally grow and develop. Our SODA squad comes first, and we believe in creating a culture that we are proud of, with an environment that encourages open communication.” – Ashley Lawrence, Co-Founder

We have recently invested in a large and brand new quirky office, designed by us, the staff, which has capacity for thirty-five employees. This has enabled us to create a great working environment with plenty of breakout areas, a colourful graffiti mural, a new coffee machine, AstroTurf grass walls, lockers, additional meeting rooms, and a Sonos sound system, in line with our fun and creative branding. We also have a games area, including a PlayStation, bean bags and giant Jenga.

This new office reflects our brand and culture -it’s vibrant, open and creative, and allows our commitment to grow the space it needs to expand successfully.

Growth is rooted via the existing consultants – not only financially, because of their billings’ success, but also in terms of who the company takes on. We hold internal recruitment evenings where the consultants of SODA come together for the evening to research and find outside talent that would fit within the culture of the business.

At Soda, you really do feel you are listened to. I have a voice that is heard and all of us feel the same way. If we have something to say – a new idea, a constructive suggestion – it will be taken seriously and discussed. The structure reinforces this. There are working lunch clubs, for example, away from the office where everyone can talk openly about any aspect of the company. And eat fantastic food! 

The company has invested heavily in training and personal career development because organic growth is fundamental to the culture. I have completed two certificated training courses, for instance, and have been helped develop my own expertise and experience, build my own career path and to look forward to a future along structured pathways with clear achievable goals. 

This commitment to the individuals within SODA is key to its success. This success is reflected in the awards we have won.

  • Winner of Best Small Agency at Recruitment Awards (2018)
  • LinkedIn top 20 most socially engaged staffing Agencies (2017)
  • Winner of Best Newcomer at the MARA Awards (2015)

Since 2015, we have founded SODA Social and Women In DevOps – two innovative, sister social networking events offering unique networking support and knowledge building opportunities around topics in our IT sector.

I’m proud of my part in Trust in Soda’s success so far. It’s great to be part of the company as we’re growing and expanding and knowing that your contribution has helped, has made a real difference. It builds a refreshing, close-knit and collaborative atmosphere. 

And this is only the start of the journey. I look forward to continuing our mission to become the most trusted recruiter in the Digital Recruitment world.