As tech giants Google, Apple and Microsoft light the way in the advancement of recent developments, within wearable technology & as the middle mark for 2015 looms…

The Key Behind Thriving Fintech

Here at Trust in Soda we have begun reflecting on just how far technology has progressed. What better way to view progression than reminding ourselves of some futuristic & technological predictions that we are supposed to of achieved by this exact year? Luckily for us, Steven Spielberg, Robert Zemeckis & Trust in Soda are to the rescue, so buckle up...

1. Biometric Technology

Biometrics are everywhere in Hill Valley 2015! From payments to security & although we’ve accomplished both & more, it’s the easy-access to personal data that has been of focus. It’s the core of most wearable product designs, a personalised monitor of all personal data. As exampled by Nike+, Apple Watch & thousands of apps dedicated to a range of specific needs from fitness to diet to your sleeping pattern. For example a favourite of mine: Moov from Apple, the wearable personal trainer.

2. The Photographic Drone

There are many wearable’s which advance the concept of photography such as GoPro Cameras & Selfie Sticks. However, Zemeckis ‘USA TODAY’ photographic drone may not be far off the mark… and again, it’s wearable: The Nixie


3. Gaming



Today, the word game has been replaced for App & as the need for a more intense user experience of virtual reality increases, so do the ideas by developers.  HTC partnered with SteamVr to create a gaming headset: ReVive, which uses LED’s to blur lines between virtual and reality with an entirely unique and breath-taking UX- Not suitable for babies. Here’s the product trailer



4. Nike Power Laces


Nike’s head of design, Tinker Hatfield, has confirmed that Nike are still working hard to deliver the shoes inspired by this scene and…they will have power laces!- click here  for more info. The union of two worlds; fashion & tech, has already extended the market of wearable technology. With items such as The GPS Jacket , The Smart Onesie for babies and WearableTech of the Month’s, The Oura Ring

5. Smart Glasses

Of course we have smartphones and smartwatches, so next must be a pair of these! One of the most anticipated gadgets for 2015, which is yet to set a release date. Glasses which enable one to do a range of things, such as; watch videos, take calls, view directions, listen to music & take pictures all hands free. Introducing Google Glass. 


Though some of the products above may seem perplexing, professional or pricey and may still be in the development stage, it seriously demonstrates the development of technology and concepts. The benchmark for wearable’s has been set for 2015 and maybe we are more futuristic than we thought.

Long may the interest and ideas continue. Because I’m still waiting for my hover board!

What inventions are you still waiting for?