Is it time to hit the road, Jack? A lot of candidates I speak to have made the decision that for one reason or another, they aren’t fulfilled in their company and role, and want a new job.

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Is it time to hit the road, Jack? As a Product Management recruiter my job starts and finishes with people. Whether those people are my clients, or the wonderful candidates I work with, without people there’s nothing. A lot of candidates I speak to have made the decision that for one reason or another, they aren’t fulfilled in their company and role, and want a new job. But a lot of people I speak to aren’t sure if it’s the right time. They’re not necessarily unhappy in their role, and to be honest they’re worried that the grass won’t be greener on the other side.

A quick Google search says there are an endless number of reasons you should leave your job, but my experience tells me there’s really four core aspects to consider.

If you resonate with any (or all) of the below, it might be time to explore a job or career change:

  1. You aren’t being challenged to improve

This is a pretty broad statement, but what challenges you is unique from person to person (or candidate to candidate in my world). It invites the standard question “Where do you see yourself in five months/five years?”. Your job should help push your career forwards. There is always learning in any job and career trajectory and if you perhaps feel like your job has become too easy, it’s probably time for a new challenge. If your company can’t help you learn anymore, they can’t challenge you in a new role or direction and therefore it’s time to think about moving. Easy is boring, right?

  1. You aren’t being valued

Again, similarly to being challenged, being valued can be interpreted in a myriad of ways. Monetarily is the most obvious. Knowing your market rate is invaluable, I can’t stress that enough. I speak to so many Product Managers as candidates who are simply being underpaid and they had no idea. You should be sense checking your value, looking at job ads, speaking to your network or recruiters to understand what your skills are worth and where you are in your career. Often more overlooked when it comes to value is personal value.

Do you feel valued by your manager, your CEO, or your company? If you think you’re being overlooked time and time again that can take a toll on your feeling of self-worth. If that’s the case and your value isn’t being recognised, scoot along.

  1. You aren’t excited by why you go to work

I love my job. I genuinely enjoy helping connect amazing companies building exciting Products with even better Product Managers and I do it in the best company in the world (fact). Sounds perfect, right? But I don’t feel like that all the time… If things are stressful beyond the ‘norm’, people aren’t being nice, you’re not enjoying your role and that dread of waking up and going to work is real, it’s never something you should just accept as “the real world”. Definitely not – it is absolutely the right time to divert your career and think about moving.

  1. You aren’t feeling like “you” anymore

This one is crucial – mental health is essential. Everyone should have a support network around them of friends and family who can sense check you and notice that you’re not being yourself, but ultimately it’s down to you. If you just feel like those eight, nine or ten hours a day are distancing you from who you are and what you believe, then maybe the job you’re in isn’t right for you anymore.


I know I’ve certainly resonated with a few of the above over my Product Recruitment career, and I imagine most people have. Try this – have a call with a recruiter, go for a coffee, as it can often help. That’s our job – helping you make sure you are in the best role for you and only you, until retirement hits and that dream house in Santorini is all yours (just me?!).

If you’re a potential candidate and are open to chat and see what else might be out there, Product or not, it’d be great to hear from you. Reach out to yours truly for some awesome job opportunities within Product Management, or if you just want to hear a friendly voice down the line:

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