Once the topic of Artificial Intelligence creeps into conversation, an inescapable sci-fi plot plays through my mind… you know the typical, man-made intelligence exceeds limits and turns on the creator.

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Next thing you know... a melancholy sky is falling upon a crumbling city, divided in two; robot and human. With Will Smith probably there leading the way into battle…

It seems the theme of AI/ relationship between human and robot, has been conquered by Hollywood. However, the Scientifics behind it, may not be so far behind. ANI [Artificial Narrow Intelligence] is used by us and for us every day and I bet you didn’t even know it!

EXAMPLE: When your plane lands, it’s not a human that decides which gate it should go to. Just like it’s not a human that determined the price of your ticket. 

DID YOU KNOW that some typical ANI’s within our lives today are Siri, Amazon cloud, automated telephone calls, suggestions on Google, ‘recommendations for you’ and email spam filtering?

DID YOU KNOW  that technological progress has been five times faster than the average rate of progress during the 20th century?

DID YOU KNOW  that apps such as Crystal use an AI system to help structure emails based upon the original sent by the recipient or AI in navigation devices which follow your route and keeps updated with disruptions and diversions?

DID YOU KNOW  that researchers in the US have used artificial intelligence to better understand the military strategy - for example most recently that of Islamic State Extremists?

DID YOU KNOW  that ANI’s programmed for one specific purpose can be given important positions such as monitoring of the financial market or detonating bombs?

DID YOU KNOW that even toys can be forms of AI such as Furby’s or Tamagotchi’s?

DID YOU KNOW  that AI within healthcare creates a more efficient health system and can also be used to replace limbs and allow access to mobility once lost?  

DID YOU KNOW that we have created AI’s that are not just programmed for tasks but have acquired the skills to be able to learn? Say hello to Watson… 

It seems as though AI, and its progression to date, is completely beneficial for society and many believe it needs to stay this way- so why is there such distrustful and doubtful worry surrounding the growth of artificial intelligence? 

At the moment we have achieved ANI and most recently AGI [computers with human –level general intelligence] and have plans to concur ASI [artificial super intelligence]. So once computers have superior-to-human intelligence, who’s to say that the tables won’t turn?

With this in mind, the team at Trust in Soda have been voting as to who we think would win in a war of intelligence…computer or man and our vote: COMPUTER.  Here’s 3 reasons why:

  1. STORAGE: Imagine being able to remember everything you have ever read or seen or experienced, with room for that to grow every day! Like the human brain, computers, which are at the core of every AI/AG, are not confined by matters such as the skull and mind. A computer is able to store more information at a faster and more efficient rate than any human would hope and memory (RAM or hard drive) is found and stowed within a circuit of databases- so storage is limitless.

  2. SPEED: A microprocessor today, can run at around 2GHz, which is almost 10 million times faster than a humans, who reaches potential at 200Hz. We have free access to immeasurable amounts of information given by the likes of AGI’s and it seems the need for speed is forced upon machines, to retain and relay information as quickly as possible – so speed is limitless

  3. RELIABILITY: However advanced we have become intellectually, it has always been clear that the human race works better collaboratively, whether it’s to create languages or gather food, working together is what has kept us surviving and thriving. Nevertheless, any computers information and any AG/ASI concepts and strategic input would be far more reliable than any biological neurons we’ve advanced. Software is regularly updated with new improvements or information/bug fixes and all software updates will be synced to each computer and database automatically. This means that even artificial-collective intellect would be more advanced. So our reliance on the knowledge and accessibility gives AI superiority via intelligence.

So it seems the integration of AI into life has been seamless and all the while enhancing the way we live, however if the day arrives in which the computer is smarter than the inventor, well… I think I might start being a little nicer to my sat nav now.

To find out more, please check out this article http://waitbutwhy.com/2015/01/artificial-intelligence-revolution-1.html