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New Age Of Devops Interview With Google And The Bbc

New age of DevOps interview with Google and the BBC

​We had the pleasure of having both Gabrielle and Susie on our most recent London-based women in DevOps panel for an event titled ‘the new age of DevOps’. We sat down with Susie and Gabrielle to co...

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Say Goodbye To Traditional Job Interviews And Hello To The Twenty First Century Intervie Wjpg

Say goodbye to traditional job interviews and hello to the twenty first century interview

​I don’t always think of the perfect answer in a job interview… but when I do, it’s 15 minutes after I’ve left – typical!Interviewer: Tell us about yourselfMe:(unprepared) I was born at a very youn...

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Women In Devops Meets Los Angeles

Women in DevOps meets Los Angeles

​We held our first American meetup at Google’s offices to discuss how we can tackle the gender DevOps gap in California.Last week on the sunny coast of Silicon Beach we launched ourWomen in DevOpsL...

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Women In Dev Ops Meetup

Women in DevOps Meetup

​We had yet another thought-provoking, interactive panel discussion last night at our women in DevOps Meetup!With an amazing turnout, our panel shared their thoughts with our community on diversity...

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Winners Ofbest Small Recruitment Agency Nora

Winners of ‘best small recruitment agency’ – NORA

We are a small company achieving big things, with international reach and unrivalled digital recruitment knowledge. As we grow and scale, we aim to expand our wider community to reflect our core va...

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We Won Best Contracting Agency

We won best contracting agency!

​“Trust in soda is not only seamless but strangely educational… we partnered with trust in soda at a crucial time in our growth. The team came to the offices, met with us, and tried to get a thorou...

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