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Lead Product Designer Jobs

​A good lead product manager can take your business to the next level, drive tech success and encourage innovation – they’re a key hire in any design function, but they’re proving exceptionally difficult to get hold of in today’s talent-short market.

At Trust in SODA, we help our clients navigate these talent shortages by taking a community-led approach to recruitment, enabling us to draw on an expansive, highly engaged talent pool, even in the midst of a talent shortage.

Partnering with Trust in SODA not only helps you find the right Lead Product Manager but also strengthens your employer brand and market position. We effectively communicate your company's unique product vision, culture, and growth opportunities to attract top-tier talent. Through targeted employer branding strategies, we engage with candidates who possess the skills and expertise you are seeking. Trust in SODA's reputation and extensive network enhances your employer brand visibility, positioning your organization as an attractive destination for top Lead Product Manager candidates.

If you’re looking to source, secure, and retain the top lead product managers on the market, reach out to the team today, we love to work with diversity-driven businesses that invest in their people and vision.